A Slow Spring

floral flowers phone spring wallpaper watercolor

These are interesting times we live in....how many times have we heard that over the last few weeks. Has it really only been a few weeks? We are like you, finding a new path and routine. Spring has so much anticipation. We wait for the winter cold to lift and the new life for the year to spring forward. 

But this spring feels slow. Slow to let us out and slow to move forward. I wake each day hearing the birds and seeing new blossoms on the trees and bushes. Everything seems like as it should. Then reality of the world and our current situation is on my phone, is on the news, is evident in the grocery store. 

Our world will continue to have springs and I am so thankful for that hope. Maybe this one isn't what we anticipated, but we have so much to enjoy amidst the crazy and the unusual. 

I have a few new spring phone wallpapers for you to enjoy as a reminder that life is moving forward and there is promise and goodness ahead.


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