Handmade Gifts - DIY Christmas Stovetop Potpourri + Printable Tag

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Using a few seasonal ingredients, you can make a batch of stovetop potpourri that makes a gift the whole family can enjoy. If you could describe the Christmas season as a scent, this is it! Making these potpourri jars with natural spices is super easy and they are non-toxic, which is a win-win in my book.

You can make a batch of them rather quickly, which works great if you are thinking of putting together teacher or neighbor gifts. I also like the idea of gifting something that isn't baked goods in case you don't know if anyone has food allergies or intolerances. 

Gathering the Ingredients

I sourced all the spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. I buy some of my commonly used herbs and spices from them and enjoy their quality and sourcing practices. You could also find these ingredients at some specialty grocery stores as well. 

Keep in mind to use all dried ingredients as you don't want mold to grow inside the jar. When you want to use your potpourri, adding in fresh apples slices or fresh cranberries would make a great addition to what is listed below. 

Dried Orange Slices - I purchased these from Trader Joes. I did not attempt to dry my own oranges. Pick your battles!

Anise Star Pods

All Spice - whole

Cinnamon Sticks

Dried Rosemary

Cloves - whole

Putting the Jars Together

I used 8 ounce size Mason jars and added in few pieces of each spice.  I used about one teaspoon of rosemary and one orange slice. We are going for a subtle aroma, and I love the idea of people experimenting by adding in something of their own to craft their own scent. I really don't think you can go wrong with the amount of each spice and herb you put in jar.


Printable Gift Tag

Every gift needs a finishing touch! I created these tags to polish off these jars, though the ingredients really show off all on their own. You can download these tags here. Each tag measures about 2" x 3".

I hope you enjoy gifting these sweet and simple potpourri jars!


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